$18.00 per 30 minute pet visit
Longer visits can be arranged for $9.00 per additional 15 minutes.
LVBL does not charge more for additional pets. I charge for the amount of time it takes to efficiently complete the required services.

Service options during pet visit
• Playtime
• Brushing
• Cleaning litter box*
• Feeding & fresh water
• Mail & newspaper pick-up
• Water plants
• Turn lights on/off
• Open/close blinds
• Administer medications**
• Mail & newspaper pick-up
• Recycle & trash bin placement/retrieval
• Feeding ferals

Cats may be independent but most still strive on social interaction. Therefore, I recommend no less than one visit every-other-day.

* There is a $3-per-litterbox fee for tending 3 or more litterboxes.
**There is a $3-per-visit fee for medication administration. All medications must be prescribed by a veterinarian, properly labeled and current.


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