Do I live in your service area?

LittleVisitsBigLove (LVBL) services University Park, Riverdale, Hyattsville, Brentwood, Mt. Rainier, N.E. DC & Cheverly. 

Will you be taking care of my pet(s)?

Yes, I am the face of LVBL so I will be the one taking care of your pet(s). However, in the event of an overly busy schedule, emergency, etc. I have a partner who helps cover my visits.

What are the advantages of using a pet sitter?

Pets are happier and healthier when they are in a familiar environment — and there’s no place like home. Your pet’s exposure to potential illness from being around unfamiliar animals in a kennel or daycare setting is eliminated. Also, it gets to be a hassle relying on neighbors and friends to watch over your pet(s). Having the same professional petsitter provides a sense of trust and peace of mind for both you & your pet(s) so you can truly relax & enjoy your "away time".

How does this work?

It’s easy! Just e-mail britlyn@littlevisits.com or call 301.864.3819 to schedule a FREE 30 to 45 minute Meet & Greet. This one-time consultation consists of reviewing the necessary paperwork, answering your questions, and getting to know you, your pet(s) and their routine. Once the Meet & Greet is completed, you are an LVBL customer. The next time you’re ready to travel just e-mail or call to make reservations. At that time we’ll take care of the payment, I’ll e-mail you your confirmation and you’ll be “good to go”!

What services do you provide & what are your charges?

Pet visits:
$18.00 for a 30-minute visit

Midday dog walks M-F*:
$15 for 20-minutes
$18 for 30-minutes

*There is a $3 charge for each additional dog walked.
Discount is available with monthly contract for $18 midday walk; $345/one dog – $365/two dogs
Monthly contract does not apply to major holidays.

Service options for pet visits include — Playtime, Cleaning Crate/Cage/Litter Box/Fish Bowl, Brushing,Turning Lights On/Off, Opening/Closing Blinds, Feeding & Watering Pets, Medication(s) Administration (there is a $3-per-visit fee), Mail & Newspaper Pick-up, Poop Pick-up (only that which is done on my watch), Watering Plants, Feeding Ferals, Trash/Recycle Bins Placement & Retrieval
For more indepth information on specific pet services and charges, please click on the icon for your specific pet under “Pet Services”.

I am a 2 dog household. Does a visit cost more for additional pets?

LVBL charges the base rate of $18 for a 30-minute visit, regardless of how of many pets you may have. If it seems the pet(s) care will take longer, I will let the client know so longer visits can be arranged at a cost of $9.00 per additional 15 minutes. Regarding dog walks, there is a $3 charge for each additional dog.

Do you offer monthly contracts for dog walks?

LVBL offers a monthly contract based on the 30-minute midday walk for $18.
A monthly contract is available for walks 5-days a week, M-F: $345/one dog — $365/two dogs

Do you board dogs?

I exclusively board the dogs that I walk on a regular basis. This continuous contact forges a bond of trust and comfort between the dog(s) and me which enables them to feel safe & comfortable during their stay in my home.
The cost for boarding is $35 per night, ($20 more for additional same-family dog). If the dog is returned home by noon the cost is $17.50 for half-a-day. There is a $5 fee for dog pick-up/drop-off.
Boarded dogs must be at least 1-year old, completely housebroken, clean, crate trained and current on the following shots: bordatella, distemper, rabies & canine influenza. There will be a socialization assessment to make sure they get along with my dog, Rudy. The socialization fee is $10.

What if I depart later or return earlier than my reservations with LVBL?

Once reservations are made for LVBL services, there are no refunds or credits for late departures or early returns. Please see LVBL’s cancellation policy in this section.

If my pet has been aggressive towards people, will you decline service to me?

LVBL reserves the right to decline service to any pet that causes me to feel threatened or doubt my ability to be in full control of the animal and the situation.

What if my pet(s) is on medication or has “special needs”?

No problem. LVBL will give medications and accommodate special needs however you specify.
There is a $3-per-visit fee for medication administration, shots or oral — (there is no charge for sprinkling meds on food or distributing in pill pockets). All medications must be prescribed by a veterinarian, properly labeled and current.

Do you require advance notice for your services?

Of course LVBL prefers a 48 hour “heads up”, but if an emergency or last minute situation arises I will accommodate you if possible. However, the required Meet & Greet will have to have taken place.

Do I have to give you my house key?

Yes. I encourage my clients to file their key(s) with LVBL so it is readily available whenever the need for my services arise. The keys are “logged-in” and filed securely away when not in use. If the client wants their key returned after using my services, no problem, but there is a $10.00 fee for all future key transactions.

Do you accept credit cards?

LVBL accepts cash and all major credit cards except for AmEx. Payment is due in full at the time reservations are made.

Is there an additional holiday charge?

LVBL charges an additional $10 for every visit that falls on a holiday. The recognized holidays are New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Chrismas Day.

What if I have to cancel reservations with LVBL?*

Cancellation for scheduled visits:
• 0-2 days cancellation before day of departure: No refund or credit
• 3-7 days cancellation before day of departure: 50% refund or credit
• 8 days or more cancellation before day of departure: 100% refund or credit

Credits must be used within the year of issue.

*LVBL does not give refunds/credits for late departures or early returns. LVBL will give credits in cases of bereavement. 
There are no refunds for cancelled midday walks but a credit can be issued for a "replacement day". The "replacement day" must be within the same month as the cancellation but there is no guarantee that a slot will be available.

What is your inclement weather policy?

In most cases LVBL will be closed due to inclement weather on the same schedule as the Federal Government. However, if I feel I can get to your pet without a problem, I will be there as scheduled. I will contact you if I cannot get to your pet due to inclement weather in which case a snow-day credit will be issued.

pls note: It is prudent to have a back-up plan that enlists the help of a neighbor during severe weather. Therefore, please provide a neighbor or friend — who lives within walking distance of your house — with your key(s) and provide their contact information on the LVBL “Contact” sheet. Should I be unable to get to your pet(s) I will enlist the help of your emergency contact. In the event of a predicted storm, LVBL will make all possible preparations for the pets in my charge at that time — ie: extra bowls of water/food, quickie pitstop for dog(s), placing “pee pads” or newspaper, etc. — before the storm hits.

Extreme weather conditions: For the well-being of your dog(s) and myself, walks will be shortened by 5-10 minutes during severe weather conditions. Severe conditions include extreme cold, steady rain, extreme heat or "Code Orange" air quality (ie: 90-100+ degrees which is considered unhealthy by the EPA for sensitive groups such as people who work outdoors).


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