Do you traveling but the anxiety of leaving your pet(s) in the care of others? If so, LittleVisitsBigLove (LVBL) Pet Sitting may just be the pet care that you’ve been looking for.

Imagine having the freedom to take a vacation or weekend getaway whenever you please without having to worry about your pet(s). Let’s face it; if you’re like me, the stress doesn’t end with making arrangements for your pet’s care. Inevitably you worry about their well-being for the entire time you’re away. With LVBL pet sitting services you can avoid that stress by arranging consistently responsible care for your pet(s).

Let LVBL put the “Rest & Relaxation” back in your R&R. Besides providing excellent, professional pet care, LVBL also provides services that give your home a “lived-in” look such as bringing in mail/newspapers, turning lights on/off, opening/shutting blinds, placement & retrieval of trash/recycle cans, watering plants, etc.

The next time a getaway beckons, let LVBL be your petsitting choice. Not only will your pet(s) be well cared for, but you’ll be able to truly relax. I guarantee it will be the beginning of a wonderful friendship between you, your pet(s), and LVBL.

To find out more about LVBL, please visit the Rates & Procedures, FAQs, and Pet Service sections of this website.

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