Rates & Procedures


Pet visits
$18.00 for a 30-minute pet visit. 45-minute visits can be arranged for an additional $9.00.
LVBL does not charge more for additional pets except when walking dogs.* I charge for the amount of time it takes to efficiently complete the required services.

Midday walks M-F
$15.00 for 20-minutes
$18.00 for 30-minutes (discount is available with a monthly contract for $18 midday walk; $345/one dog – $365/two dogs) Monthly contract does not apply to major holidays.

*There is a $3 charge for each additional dog walked.


A “Meet & Greet” consultation must first be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance before reservations can be made for LittleVisitsBigLove (LVBL) services. Please email me at petsit@littlevisits.com or britlynmarie@gmail.com or call me at 202-531-7182 to schedule a FREE 15- to 30-minute consultation for us to get acquainted with each other and your pet(s). The “Meet & Greet” consists of reviewing the necessary paperwork, answering questions, and getting to know your pet(s) & their needs. At this time I will also learn the logistics of your household that are essential for me to do my job efficiently. When the M&G is completed, I will e-mail the necessary “New Client” package to you so you can complete the forms for me.

At the time pet sitting reservations are made, LVBL requires a spare key. A copy of all keys will be kept by LVBL. A $3.00 fee will be charged if LVBL has the spare key made. Your key will be coded and kept in a safe lockbox. If the client wants their key returned, a fee of $10.00 will be charged for each key transaction.

Payment in full is due at the time reservations are made. LVBL accepts MC, VISA, PayPal, and cash.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation for scheduled visits*
• 0-2 days cancellation before day of departure: No refund or credit
• 3-7 days cancellation before day of departure: 50% refund or credit
• 8 days or more cancellation before day of departure: 100% refund or credit

Credits must be used within the year of issue.

*LVBL does not give refunds/credits for late departures or early returns. LVBL will give credits in cases of bereavement.
There are no refunds for canceled midday walks but a credit can be issued for a “replacement day”. The “replacement day” must be within the same month as the cancellation but there is no guarantee that a slot will be available.


A holiday fee of $10 per visit applies on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Inclement weather policy:

In most cases, LVBL will be closed due to inclement weather on the same schedule as the Federal Government. However, if I feel I can get to your pet without a problem, I will be there as scheduled. I will contact you if I cannot get to your pet due to inclement weather in which case a snow-day credit will be issued.

pls note: It is prudent to have a backup plan that enlists the help of a neighbor during severe weather. Therefore, please provide a neighbor or friend — who lives within walking distance of your house — with your key(s) and provide their contact information on the LVBL “Contact” sheet. Should I be unable to get to your pet(s) I will enlist the help of your emergency contact. In the event of a predicted storm, LVBL will make all possible preparations for the pets in my charge at that time — ie: extra bowls of water/food, quickie pitstop for the dog(s), placing “pee pads” or newspaper, etc. — before the storm hits.

Extreme weather conditions: For the well-being of your dog(s) and myself, walks will be shortened by 5-10 minutes during severe weather conditions. Severe conditions include extreme cold, steady rain, extreme heat, or “Code Orange” air quality (ie: 90-100+ degrees which are considered unhealthy by the EPA for sensitive groups such as people who work outdoors).

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