Pet visits:
$18.00 for 30-minutes.
45-minute visits can be arranged for an additional $9.00.
LVBL does not charge more for additional pets except for when walking dogs.* I charge for the amount of time it takes to efficiently complete the required services.

Service options during a visit:
• Playtime
• Brushing
• Walks* (see below)
• Feeding & freshening water
• Mail & newspaper pick-up
• Recycle & trash bin placement/retrieval
• Medication administration**

Midday walks M-F:
$15 for 20-minutes
$18 for 30-minutes (discount is available with a monthly contract for $18 midday walk; $345/one dog — $365/two dogs. Monthly contract does not apply to major holidays)

*There is a $3 charge for each additional dog walked.

I exclusively board the dogs that I walk on a regular basis. This continuous contact forges a bond of trust and comfort between the dog(s) and me which enables them to feel safe & comfortable during their stay in my home.
The cost for boarding is $35 per night ($20 more for an additional same-family dog). If the dog is returned home by noon the cost is $17.50 for half a day. There is a $5 fee for dog pick-up/drop-off.
Boarded dogs must be at least 1-year-old, completely housebroken, clean, crate trained, and current on the following shots: bordatella, distemper, and rabies. There will be a socialization assessment to make sure they get along with my dog. The socialization fee is $10.

**There is a $3-per-visit fee for medication administration, shots, or oral — (there is no charge for sprinkling meds on food or distributing in pill pockets). All medications must be prescribed by a veterinarian, properly labeled, and current.

LVBL is not a poop-scoop service but I will scoop whatever poop your dog does on my watch.

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